The Best Power Tools for DIY Enthusiasts

Best Power Tools for DIY


Welcome to our website, offering only the best power tools for DIY tasks in the form of in-depth reviews together with customer feedback from real buyers. If you’re aiming to be a true do-it-yourself kind of person and are really serious about it, then there are a number of tools that you’re definitely going to need in your arsenal. With the marketplace packed with variety and ‘information overload’ it’s very easy to make the wrong choices… and that’s where we come in.


We will briefly explain what you can expect from and look at some of those must-have tools if you’re looking to complete any kind of job with the utmost of ease. This is what we consider to be the most important DIY power tools you should have in your tool-kit if you’re looking to do a professional job without the help of an expert.





5 Must-Have DIY Power Tools

Power Drill: obviously something the average do-it-yourself type person simply cannot go without, which is why with listed it as the number one power tool here! Generally there are two types of drill; your standard drill or a hammer drill. Both of these are available in corded and cordless versions. Generally the cordless version is more versatile and convenient but if you are going to be doing lots of heavy duty work then you may need to get a decent corded drill as well. Standard drills can perform most small tasks without any problems, as long as you’re working with softer materials and surfaces. If you’re looking to drill through concrete, bricks or anything of the sort, then you’ll definitely want to invest in a decent hammer drill, which adds an element of tapping into the drilling motion allowing it to easily puncture through dense materials.

Dewalt DCD760KL

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Power Sander: there are various sanders available on the market, and these are generally designed to smooth surfaces to a desired finished state. Needless to say, if you’re going to be working with wood at all and want to do a professional job then you’re going to need a decent sander. Sanders come in the following types general: belt sander, disk sander, pad sander and also the random orbit sander. A lot of the models today also come with built-in dust collectors, allowing for cleaner and more hygienic working conditions.



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Power Saw: Another must-have tool for the DIY enthusiast. No we’re not talking about manual “old school” saws (although they sure do have a key place in your tool kit), but rather cordless and corded power saws. Depending on your specific line of work or personal project requirements, you might want to look into getting a jigsaw (our personal favourite for versatility), circular saw, miter saw or reciprocating saw.  Circular saws are great for ripping wood and general construction work, but we reckon jigsaws are certainly more versatile overall and for all out ‘let it rip’ demolition work you can’t beat a reciprocating saw. There are number of great saws on the market today, and whatever your requirements might be we have more than enough reviews on our site to help you make the right choice.



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Angle Grinder: Angle grinders or disc grinders are ideal for cutting, grinding and sanding or polishing. These specific power tools are incredibly powerful and extremely useful for a wide variety of jobs you’d maybe perform as a DIY fanatic. If you want to make sure you’ve got everything covered in your power tool arsenal, then you’ll definitely need one of these, otherwise your workshop is sure to be lacking a key ingredient. We’ve helped uncover some of the best, most affordable angle grinders out there, listing only the most respectable brands and reliable tools to save you the trouble of having to scan through hundreds of pages only to be led in the wrong direction.



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Nailer: this do-it-yourself power tool is often overlooked by the average Joe, but its uses are plenty. Nailers are available in a wide variety, and although it might not be the most versatile power tool out there it’s not only fun to use but also incredibly useful. If you’re a serious professional you simply cannot be without one of these. Whether it’s for doing small DIY tasks at home or as a professional contractor, a proper nailer is certainly worth the investment.



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Of course, there are always DIY power tool combo kits, -and we’ve got you covered there too! We’ve got multiple DIY combos available on our site, so if you’re looking to build your tool-kit from scratch without wanting to buy each tool individually (which, let’s face it, could cost you a whole lot more!), then a DIY combo kit could well be the answer.


We aim to help you choose only the best manufacturers and products out there and when we feature a product on our site we’ll be sure to let you know if it’s a dud or a good’un!


On that note, let’s look at a few of our favorite, most reliable power tool manufacturers from around the globe.


Best DIY Power Tool Manufacturers

  1. dewalt-drillDeWalt: Started by Mr. Raymond E. DeWalt in 1924, who followed in his father’s footsteps in the mill and construction industry. He released his first power tool in form of an electric universal woodworking machine known as the “Wonder-Worker”. Ever since then, DeWalt, became one of the biggest and most reliable manufacturer of superior DIY tools and live up to the reputation of their slogan saying: “Guaranteed Tough”.




  1. hitachi-miter-sawHitachi: Formed in as late (compared to its competitors) as 1948, Hitachi Koki Co. Ltd. Is an independent member of the diversified Hitachi Group. Specializing in metallurgy, motor design and electronics, whilst also using eco-friendly methods, Hitachi has quickly established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the power tool industry by winning a series of recent awards.




  1. makita-impactMakita: Japanese power tool company which originates from 1915 with factories all around the world including the USA. Almost 100 years of innovation and experience gives this power tool company a large following amongst professionals and home DIY enthusiasts alike. Makita has very tightly controlled quality checks and rigorous testing of all products prior to shipping.




  1. Black&DeckerBlack & Decker: Originally started by 2 entrepreneurs, S. Duncan Black and Alonso G. Decker, who invested in a small machine shop. They manufactured products like machines to make milk bottle caps and for candy dipping. Since then, Black & Decker has evolved into one of the forerunners in the DIY power tool industry, living up to the highest standards with superior quality power tools of all kinds.




Of course, if we want to talk about the “Best Power Tools for DIY”, there are a number of names we didn’t mention. But the names above have done more than enough to prove themselves, thus getting some extra recognition from us. There are many reliable manufacturers out there, and surely we’ve not named half the DIY power tools out there, but we’ve got plenty of content on here in the form of honest, thorough reviews to help you make the smart choice.


Do you have a favorite manufacturer that we haven’t mentioned, why not share your thoughts, ideas and experiences? We’d love to hear from you!


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