Bosch CCS180BL Circular Saw Review

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Bosch CCS 180BL Review

Bosch CSS180BLIf you know anything about DIY power tools, then you surely know that Bosch is one of the biggest and best power tool manufacturers out there today.

Today I want to share with you yet another circular saw,-called the Bosch CCS180BL, a remarkable piece of equipment at a very low cost.

This immensely powerful cordless 6 ½ inch blade circular saw easily cuts through 2×4 material without any struggle, making it the handy addition to any DIY arsenal.



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For general working on a construction site to doing any type of heavy-duty DIY jobs without the need for a nearby power outlet, this is the ideal circular saw for those of you don’t want to spend an absolute fortune, since it has a heavy duty aluminum hood and upper guard which ensures utmost durability in even the toughest job sites.

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With the custom exact fit tool inlay, storage and transportation is also made a lot safer and much easier than most conventional circular saw carry cases. This “L-BOXX-3”, as it is called, is every bit as durable as it looks. Priced around $150 on Amazon, lowered from $268, this is incredible value for money taking into account that you’ll also be saving massively, over $100.


The saw is very lightweight, weighing in at a mere 15 pounds, but don’t let that be any indication as to how powerful this tool truly is. Let’s have a look at some reviews and see what other Amazon buyers had to say about the Bosch CCS 180 BL before deciding on whether this latest tool from the DIY giants is truly as powerful as they claim.



Scoring a 4.1 out of 5 average from 25 reviews, it’s been made abundantly clear that if you are looking for very powerful circular saw, you might have to look elsewhere. Even though it is perfect for smaller jobs according to most, a couple of people have complained about the Bosch CCS 180 BL not being able to cope with the very heavy-duty tasks, but at such a low price what do you expect?


One user had this to say..

“Functionally, it works well for a battery-powered saw. It certainly doesn’t have the power of a corded model, but it cuts cleanly and is a lot quieter. You’re not going to use it to frame a house, but what it does, it does well. I did switch the blade for a Freud 40-tooth finishing blade…it cuts much more cleanly than the 18-tooth general purpose blade that’s included. Besides which, I prefer to use a corded saw when I’m ripping material. I’ve had the Bosch stall a couple of times, but only when I got sloppy and didn’t cut quite straight. A corded saw, with more torque, would not have even noticed. Overall, based on functionality, I’m giving it four stars. (-1/2 star for torque and -1/2 star for the plastic blade cover.) If you already have 18V Bosch batteries, this is an outstanding value.” –W.B. Halper (Verified Buyer)


Another satisfied customer

“Mostly use saw on aluminium. Saw has worked great, and battery life is great with 3.0 amp batteries. No complaints.” -Joseph Gilpen (Verified Buyer)


Bosch CSS180BL 03

And summing up…

“It does not blow my socks off and did not exceed my expectations but it will definitely fill a need. I have needed a small saw for ladder and scaffolding work for a while. It is not the most powerful saw, but it is easy to use and comfortable to hold.” – S. Kunnen (Verified Buyer)





So on that note, if you need an affordable saw to do small jobs then this Bosch is ideal, but if you need something more powerful you should look elsewhere to avoid disappointment.

Best Place to Purchase the Bosch CCS180BL Circular Saw

The best place to purchase this Bosch Circular Saw, in our opinion, is Amazon. Their outstanding customer support services when combined with their cheap shipping and frequent discount deals mean that they simply can’t be beat.

Bosch CSS180BL Review

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