Bosch DDS181-01 Drill Driver Review

Bosch DDS181-01 Drill Driver Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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Bosch DDS181-01 Review

Bosch DDS181-01

There are so many drill/driver combos on the market today that it’s really hard to make a good buying decision, but when the Bosch DDS 181-01 was first released I got extremely excited and decided that I just had to do a review on this mean looking power tool.

With its compact size of 19 x 15 x 5”, the amount of power this tool packs for an 18V drill driver is intense to say the least.

Even though there are a few cheaper driver/drill combos out there, I would urge you to take the Bosch DDS 181-01 under serious consideration if this is what you’re looking for.




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Just bear with me for a moment and I’ll go through the features as well as look at some of the reviews from other verified buyers around the globe. Scoring an impressive 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 from five reviews in total means that 90% of all buyers will give this a perfect score,-and here’s why…

Bosch released this drill driver combo with the all-new patented gear train and clutch, which makes this the most compact design in its class and one of the more powerful lightweight DIY power tools on the market today. Both DD and HDD are compatible with every 18 V lithium-ion Bosch batteries, thanks to its flexible power system.

Bosch also had increased comfort in mind with its new modified ergonomic design. The ergonomic grip zone currently has the smallest diameter on the market at the moment, enabling better gripping and comfort.



“Size matters”, – this is a statement that bears absolutely no truth in this case. The Bosch DDS181- 01 drill driver was designed to give you the same power of a much bigger tool in a more compact version without neglecting performance. With its 4-pole high performance motor, this power tool is more than capable of handling the toughest of jobs you can throw it. Let’s have a look at what the buyers say:


User Reviews

“Researched all the drills in this class (and others) before I made a decision. The Bosch drill stands out amongst all the others. The build quality is excellent, the balance, with the big battery or the small one, is comfortable and easy to hold. Well worth the money for it.” – Brad Baum (verified buyer, and this is the only guy that gave it 4/5 stars?)


Another user had this to say….

“I bought this drill intending on using it for an ice auger! Well let’s just say 27 6″ holes in 24″ of ice with one battery is pretty impressive! I can actually get 30 holes but it will do 27 without cutting out half way! The only problem is you can’t put a side handle on it! So you really got to hold on! But I am very happy with my purchase, this is my first cordless drill I have bought and I will be sticking with Bosch for sure! And in the cold I see no lack of power or longevity.” – Bradley Windsor (verified buyer)


And to sum up…

“Great drill/driver. Battery has long life and recharges quickly. Handles well and is easy to use. Worth every penny. Best drill/driver I’ve owned and I have had several.” – S. Norman (verified buyer)


Needless to say, I think this is definitely one of the best drill/driver combos on the market today. Priced at around $230 on Amazon at the moment, you won’t regret buying the Bosch DDS 181-01 I would say, so head over there right now and see for yourself what all the hype is about.


Best Place to Purchase the Bosch DDS181-01 Drill Driver

The best place to purchase this Bosch Drill Driver, in our opinion, is Amazon. Their outstanding customer support services when combined with their cheap shipping and frequent discount deals mean that they simply can’t be beat.
Bosch DDS181-01 Review

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