Dewalt D28402K Review

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Dewalt D28402K Review

Dewalt D28402K ReviewThis Dewalt D28402K Review is based on a product which comes from one of the biggest, most well know, and most respected brands in the power tool industry. Dewalt consistently product fantastic power tools and they have managed to do this once again with this amazing angle grinder. This angle grinder is truly fantastic, and comes with a whole host of different features – each of which performs exactly as advertised. For more details on these features as well as a complete review of the Dewalt D28402K please be sure to read on.







Key Features of the Dewalt D28402K

Unfortunately there was no suitable video available to use as an introduction to this angle grinder. This is unfortunate but there’s no point in getting caught up on it so let’s move right along to the full list of features which this product has to offer. Below this list of features you’ll also find a complete review of this grinder. I hope you both enjoy and find this review informational!

  • Powerful Motor. This grinder comes with a 10 amp motor which runs at speeds of up to 11,000 RPM and which is designed for faster material removal and higher overload protection.
  • Dust Ejection System. This feature is specifically designed to eject dust and particles which can enter through the the tools air intake vents and damage the inner components of this grinder.
  • Comfortable and Functional Design. When it comes to a getting a job done quickly the key is maneuverability. This is a very lightweight tool at just 4.6 pounds which also features an ergonomically designed handle – these two features combine to make this an incredibly easy tool to use and manage. Rubber is included in the design of the handle which Dewalt say reduces the vibrations which in turn reduces the levels of user fatigue which are experienced when using this tool. Of course, less fatigue means that you can work on for extended periods of time while still in absolute control of this tool.
  • Durability. This is a very well designed tool, as more most from Dewalt. However there is also an excellent feature which automatically shuts this stool down to avoid damage then the brushes are in need of a replacement.
  • Warranty. Should you choose to purchase this tool from Amazon then you will be covered by their amazing customer support services should any immediate problems arise. You also get the benefits of the Dewalt warranty package which includes a 3 year limited warranty, one year free service contract, and a 90 day money back guarantee should you be dissatisfied with your purchase.

A Dewalt D28402K Review

Once again I shall start this Dewalt D28402K Review by talking about the general reaction of the customers on Amazon to this compact angle grinder. For those of you who haven’t used Amazon all that much before I’ll just mention how their reviewing system works really Dewalt D28402K Reviewquickly because it will help you to understand what I’m going to talk about a little easier. When someone purchases a product on Amazon they can leave a review and rating of this product on Amazon for all others to see. This provides a great resource for people who are thinking about buying the product in question as the customers who have already bought it will provide detailed and unbiased advice in their reviews. For this angle grinder, at the time of writing there was 65 reviews in total. Of these 65 customers who left reviews, a truly astounding 62 opted to give this product either a 4 or a 5 star review. With this many satisfied customers, you may have guessed that this is going to be a pretty positive review!

The main thing which customers have mentioned in their reviews is the excellent performance and the great levels of power which are provided by this tool. The vast majority of customers have been very satisfied with this tools power and have also commented about just how easy this power makes a huge variety of jobs as the angle grinder tackles them with no problems whatsoever.

The next thing which I think is appropriate to mention in this Dewalt D28402K Review is how comfortable the customers have found this compact angle grinder to use and I have to say that this is all down to its lightweight and compact design. This is designed to be a compact angle grinder which can get into those tight spaces in order to help you get the job done every time and indeed it seems that once again Dewalt have come through with yet another amazing product which lives up to its promised features as customers have commented about just how impressed they are with how functional this grinder really is. Another thing which the customers on Amazon have been impressed with is how easy this grinder is to use for extended periods of time – this is all down to not only the lightweight design but also the ergonomically designed handle which really does add a lot of comfort to this tool.

Dewalt D28402K ReviewTo be honest, I’m struggling to find things to talk about in this Dewalt D28402K Review because all of the features really and truly perform just as they’re advertised to – and as I have already listed all of the features in the section above it seems somewhat pointless to repeat them! The claim that this tool delivers on its promised features so well is backed up by the sheer number of positive reviews which have been left by the very satisfied customers on Amazon. Once again Dewalt has come through with an outstanding product which has left all but a handful of customers completely satisfied with their purchase.

As you may have guessed, there really isn’t all that many negative things to mention about this tool. In fact, there’s nothing negative at all to mention about this tool – in terms of how well it delivers on the features which it promises, it is perfect. However I will take this opportunity to pass on some wise words of warning. This is a tool which is designed with home owners in mind – not contractors. Try not to have over ambitious expectations when purchasing this angle grinder and you will certainly not be disappointed. If you’re a contractor then you will need to look elsewhere for a higher grade grinder – but for the home owner who’s fond of some DIY, this is a perfect choice.

I’m going to wrap this Dewalt D28402K Review up because I feel like I’m rambling on a little bit now! This is a fantastic choice for any hobbyist or home owner who likes to do a bit of DIY, as I mentioned above. Also remember that the vast majority of the customers who have purchased this grinder have been entirely satisfied with their purchase and you really begin to see just how fantastically this tool performs. This tool should really be a lot more expensive than it is to be honest – but I doubt we’ll have anyone campaigning to increase the price anytime soon! This is a great product for an even better price and it’s definitely the perfect choice for any home owner or DIY enthusiast.

Best Place to Purchase the Dewalt D28402K

The best place to purchase this miter saw, in my opinion, is Amazon. Their outstanding customer support services when combined with their cheap shipping and frequent discount deals mean that they simply can’t be beat.

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