Dewalt DC725KA Cordless Hammer Drill Review

Dewalt DC725KA Cordless Hammer Drill Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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Dewalt DC725KA Review

Dewalt DC725KA


Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Dewalt DC725KA, an ever popular – and rightly so – cordless hammer drill offering from one of America’s most well respected brands.

Actually, we have had one of these cordless drills in use in our workshop for well over 3 years now and it’s still going strong and takes whatever’s thrown at it completely in its stride – you name it, the Dewalt does it.

This drill is really powerful, chucking out a full 410 watts of power from its frameless motor with a lightweight, well balanced ergonomic design operating from 18V Ni-cad battery packs.





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This cordless drill offers variable speed operation with hammer action if required and comes with a reversing switch which is useful for stalled drill removal or for removing screws etc.

Dewalt’s got it just about right here with this model regarding balance and feel with a lightweight comfortable ergonomic grip.


Let’s take a look at a few of the Dewalt DC725KA’s key features:

  • Maximum Output Power of 410 Watts
  • 2 Speed Settings of 0 – 500rpm or 0 – 1700rpm
  • Hammer Action with 0 – 8,500 or 0 – 29,000 BPM (beats per minute)
  • 17 Clutch Settings
  • ½ Inch Chuck Size
  • Keyless Metal Chuck with Single Sleeve Design
  • Tool Weight of 4.9 pounds
  • 18V Ni-Cad Batteries
  •  3 Year Limited Warranty and 90 day Money Back Guarantee



A two speed setting switch allows greater flexibility with the lower setting offering higher torque at lower speeds where required.

The incorporated hammer action is great for when you need to drill into concrete and masonry etc.

This Dewalt hammer drill also features a brake mechanism which provides an instant stop when releasing the trigger allowing you to put the drill down quickly between jobs instead of waiting for the drill to slow naturally to a stop. This is a great safety feature as it’s very easy to get impatient and not wait for the drill to stop before putting it down giving the potential for accidents due to the still spinning drill getting caught up on the cord or other items lying on the work surface.


Personally, I also find it gives greater control when drilling soft material.



The single sleeve keyless chuck design allows for a quick one handed drill bit change and the DC725KA also incorporates a built-in LED light to aid drilling and driving in dimly lit areas.


Drill reverse rotation is easily accomplished with the forward – reverse switch, mounted just above the trigger.


The 17 clutch settings allow sufficient adjustment to allow the torque of the drill to be controlled.

Basically, the higher the setting the more torque (or force if you like) the drill puts out.

The pre-set clutch settings will stop the drill bit from turning when the drill experiences a certain resistance with the drill motor continuing to run but with the clutch giving a clicking noise alerting you to the fact that the bit has stopped turning.


Batteries and Charger

The Dewalt DC725KA comes complete with a set of two 1.7Ah Ni-cad batteries and a 1 hour charger. This should allow you pretty much continuous use depending upon the type of work you intend doing.

It should be noted that in general Ni-cad batteries are heavier and larger than their Lithium-ion counterparts but overall this drill is pretty lightweight so shouldn’t matter too much here.

Complete with carry case

Last but not least the Dewalt DC725KA comes complete with a decent kit box which has room to hold the drill, batteries and charger all to hand in one place.

Dewalt DC725KA Cordless drill 02



So, what do the reviews tell us about the Dewalt DC725KA?

Currently there are 106 reviews on Amazon with 85 of those reviews giving a full 5 star rating and a further 12 reviews at 4 out of 5 stars.

97 of those 106 reviews are 4 stars and over!


Let’s take a look at a couple of those reviews to get a better feel for what people have to say:




“This is a great drill that most homeowners would be very happy with. Why do you need a hammer drill vs. a regular drill? If you’re planning to drill through concrete or stone, you absolutely need the hammering action. I was trying to mount some shelves on my basement wall using my regular (non-hammer) drill with some masonry bits and I was getting nowhere. The hammering feature makes all the difference. There is a selector ring that lets you choose hammer, drill, or driver mode with different torque settings. There is also a switch on top that lets you select high or low speed. The chuck can be opened and closed by hand.

There is a little LED that shines on your work when you touch the trigger. This is a great feature! Even if you’re working in a fairly well lit area, this blows away the shadows and gives you a clear view of what you’re drilling into.

The batteries are 1.7 Amp hours, which means they don’t last as long as the bigger batteries that DeWalt sells, but they are also smaller and lighter weight. As far as I’m concerned, this is an improvement. As a homeowner, I rarely do a job that requires more than one battery, but when I do, Hey, there are two!

Very happy with this product.” – Todd B.


And another user had this to say:Dewalt DC725KA Cordless drill 05

“I was lucky and got this on an Amazon daily deal at a terrific price. As always, the order was processed and shipped in a timely manner.
The drill itself is deceptively compact but extremely powerful. I drilled through 1/4 steel without a problem. The chuck tightens the bit securely so that you don’t have to re-tighten it again and again.

I own other cordless drills, including Craftsman, B&D, Skil, and Ryobi, but none of them hold a candle to this Dewalt.

Whether using the Ni-Cad or Lithium batteries, the battery life is great.

It is the most versatile and the best cordless drill I have ever owned.

While I have corded Dewalt drills, this was the first Dewalt cordless drill I have owned and I was not disappointed.

Would recommend this drill for work site or home projects without hesitation.” – techred


Ok so what about the negatives?

Well, 9 people out of 106 reviews on Amazon rated this drill lower than 4 starts so what exactly was it that they weren’t so keen on?

One user had to send their drill back as there was a problem with it but received a replacement quickly and commented on the great Amazon customer service.

One commented on the drill housing being plastic and not holding the motor correctly. There was also a comment on packaging allowing the drill to move around during shipment.

Another wanted higher capacity batteries but really, apart from this there was really nothing to say that should alarm most potential purchasers.


Our Opinion

All in all the Dewalt DC725KA drill is a nice lightweight yet powerful offering with enough features to keep most home DIY and professional users alike happy and with the peace of mind of a full 3 year limited warranty and one year free service plus a 90 day money back guarantee you can hardly go wrong here!


Hopefully you will never need to make use of this as Dewalt generally offer excellent reliability with their products.


Best Place to Purchase the Dewalt DC725KA

The best place to purchase this Dewalt Cordless Drill, in our opinion, is Amazon. Their outstanding customer support services when combined with their cheap shipping and frequent discount deals mean that they simply can’t be beat.

Dewalt DC725KA Review

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