Dewalt DW304PK Reciprocating Saw Review

Dewalt DW304PK Reciprocating Saw Review, 4.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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Dewalt DW304PK Review

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The Dewalt DW304PK is my new best buddy!

Seriously though, this reciprocating saw is just awesome. I’ve been using it this past weekend whilst replacing fencing.

Tree roots, old posts, 5 inch diameter green wood tree limbs, tree roots down post holes, you name it this Dewalt reciprocating saw has done it!

Sure, you’ve got to use the right blade for the job at hand but apart from that this beauty seems to just take it in its stride.






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For this particular job, I also needed to cut up some old fence panels ready for dumping and the DW304PK ripped through those like a hot knife through butter.

The thing I really like about this power saw is the ease with which you can change saw blades. Super simple, super quick, all done with the lifting of a small sprung loaded keyless lever on the side of the front shoe – out comes the old, in goes the new.

Not only that, you can also choose blade orientation with the blade cutting downwards, upwards, left to right or right to left simply by choosing the orientation of blade during fitment.

Feels good in your hands too, solid, comfortable to use, rubberized front grip and with great variable speed trigger action.

The Dewalt DW304PK comes with a decent cord length and nicely finished soft side tool bag.

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Let’s take a look at some of the Dewalt’s key features:

• 4 position blade fitment for maximum flexibility
• 10 amp rated powerful motor for maximum grunt
• Keyless blade change with front shoe side mounted lever
• 0 to 2800 SPM (strokes per minute)
• 1-1/8 inch stroke length
• Variable speed trigger
• Fixed shoe with bevelled edge for ease of use
• Weighs in at around 7lbs
• Corded Electric
• Tool bag/carry case
• 3 Year warranty


Now one thing we should mention – if you do purchase this saw, be sure to get yourself a good range of blades too and check that they are suitable for what you intend cutting, i.e. wood, metal, green wood etc.

Personally, I got myself a selection of blades so that I always had the right blade to hand for any job.


User Reviews

Now, we should take a look at what other users have to say as the proof is in the eating so to speak 🙂

This beauty currently has an overall rating on Amazon of 4.5 from 102 reviews with the vast majority in the 5 and 4 star categories!

Just from looking at this we can see that this must be a pretty decent piece of kit.
Looking deeper into these reviews we can see that most purchasers are really happy with their Dewalt reciprocating saw purchase.

A lot of people are really impressed with the keyless 4 position chuck. Demolition work appears to be where a lot of people are using this and the saw really excels for this kind of work.

Being able to use the saw to cut sideways without having to hold the saw on its side is also rated highly especially for jobs like cutting out windows and doors etc., plus the quick fitment of blades without the need for tools to release the blade is really handy.

Many commented on the ruggedness and durability of this Dewalt plus the obvious build quality of this tool.
The saw is also not too heavy considering the amount of power available to you.

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One reviewer had the following to say…

I’ve been impressed with this saw over about four years of use. Very tough, and I’m not even sure how it’s still working. I’ve used it for everything from cutting broken irrigation lines in a ditch (lots of dirt in the thing, but it keeps on going), to rebar, demolition, roughing the ends of 6×8 redwood beams, plastic piping by the bundle, you name it. I previously owned a Milwaukee model, and I’d rate this saw as tough. It is a little lighter than the Milwaukee I owned. This was my first DeWalt purchase (I wasn’t convinced they were that durable), and I’ve bought several other tools from them based on the durability of this saw.” – Jim Peterson (Verified Buyer)





And another reviewer said the following…

“Before starting a master bathroom demo project, I wanted to have all of my tools ready to go for any unexpected problem I might encounter. Right off the bat, this tool came in handy. Ripping out a fibreglass shower, fibreglass tub, hard to reach plumbing that couldn’t be cut by hand, cutting sections of subfloor, taking out 2x4s that were nailed from the ceiling down, cutting through cement board, etc was no problem at all. In fact, I can’t imagine even thinking about doing a project without having something like this on hand. I can’t compare this saw to others on the market, but I have owned all Dewalt products throughout the years and I have never had any problems with any of them…period. Even with a dull blade, this thing rips through basically anything. When I was cutting my fibreglass shower apart, I accidentally sliced 4 2x4s without even feeling it. I’m not a big guy, only 5’7″ 155 lbs, so the work was done by the saw, not by me.

What sold me on this one over others was the ability to use this saw in a flat fashion for cutting along the sub floor and 2x4s. Also, it is comfortable to hold and feels extremely rugged. I can see this holding up very well over the years.” – Phil (Verified Buyer)

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So what about the negatives?

Well, it seems that a lot of folks were a little annoyed about the fact that this reciprocating saw did not come with a blade but then I guess Dewalt are thinking that blade selection all comes down to what you will be using the saw for – I mean, you don’t generally get a set of drills when you purchase a drill do you?

Still, I agree it would have been nice to have included a general purpose type blade…. Come on Dewalt!

Also, some mentioned that they would have preferred a hard case rather than the soft bag type that is included; certainly a hard case would be preferable for this type of tool.


Ok, so how would we sum up this saw from Dewalt?

Pretty much an awesome choice for the DIY homeowner and weekend warrior, possibly not powerful enough for the full time professional although this really depends upon the type of use you’re going to be expecting to put it to.

Best Place to Purchase the Dewalt DW304PK

The best place to purchase this Dewalt Reciprocating Saw, in our opinion, is Amazon. Their outstanding customer support services when combined with their cheap shipping and frequent discount deals mean that they simply can’t be beat.

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