Fein FMM 250Q Start MultiMaster Review

Fein FMM 250Q Start MultiMaster Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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Fein FMM 250Q Start MultiMaster Review



Fein FMM 250Q


With one user dubbing it a “Fein kit of choice”, the Fein FMM 250Q Start MultiMaster seems to become more popular by the day. With 10 out of 12 verified buyers on Amazon giving it 5/5 star reviews, only 2 of those buyers gave this DIY power tool 4/5. So what makes this all-in-one DIY kit so popular? –And why did 2/12 buyers only give it 4 star ratings? Well, keep reading and you’ll find out.


German manufacturers Fein range of power tools have been dominating somewhat since they hit the world market many years ago. They’re undoubtedly one of the oldest power tool companies in the world, specializing in nearly anything from sanders to cutters, -and now the multi-purpose kits we all love, Fein is all about providing top quality DIY tools.




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This particular model, the FMM 250Q Start, has been said to be a “must-have” tool for any homeowner and professional renovator alike. Ideal for undercutting hardwood flooring applications and wooden doors, this tool is currently available for under $200, which is quite a bit more than other tools with the same functions and features, but for a reason…


The patented Quick-in change lever allows for lightning fast accessory change, so no more struggling with outdated equipment when you’re trying to get the job done. Grout removal has also been said to be an absolute breeze with the FMM 250Q Start, which is powered by a superior and immensely powerful motor, allowing you to complete nearly any task you set your mind on in a flash. Great ergonomics and a light weight of only 7 pounds, this power tool can easily be used for kitchen renovation, bathroom remodeling or any other renovating job you can think of.


With this you can saw, scrape or sand as much as you please just like a true professional. This Fein kit also includes a number of added accessories, including a carry bag, 30-pack of paper, a sawing blade, sanding pad a scraper blade and more. In fact, the MultiMaster is actually a “Limited Edition”, so it won’t be on the market forever.


What’s the secret behind the Fein FMM 250Q Start MultiMaster ?


Where other tools orbit and rotate, Fein has actually made this one oscillate! That ensures that you can do extremely delicate, fine work, -as well as be more aggressive should you want to do that. It’s the best of both worlds if you ask me. Of course, there’s more to the FMM 250Q Multimaster than what you see here, but let’s have a look at some other buyers’ reviews, shall we?


“The multimaster is my 3rd oscillating tool. I have also used the Sonicrafter and the Porter Cable oscillating tools. The Multimaster, however, is simply a cut above (the rest). There is a wealth of accessories available for the Multimaster that is unavailable for any other oscillating tool” – Warlok (verified Amazon buyer)


“The Fein Multimaster is “the” multi tool to own. Excellent quality and easy to control.” – FixItGuy (verified Amazon buyer)


As for the negative aspects, the only ones I’ve seen is one guy complaining about the carry bag, stating that the color is too bright, and another that says it’s a bit loud. That’s it!


Head over to Amazon to read the full reviews from other buyers. My opinion: The FMM 250Q Multimaster sounds fantastic.


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Updated: March 27, 2013 — 3:38 am

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