Festool 567696 RS 2 E Orbital Sander Review

Festool 567696 RS 2 E Orbital Sander Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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Festool 567696 RS 2 E Orbital Sander Review

Festool 567696 RS 2 E Sander 2



With quite a hefty price tag, it’s only natural for anyone to want to see a Festool 567696 orbital Sander review or two prior to buying.

One thing is for certain though, -and that’s that Festool is well known for manufacturing some of the best orbital sanders out there on the market today, and that’s no different with the RS 2E model. At first glance when looking at this particular model, is that it has a highly professional look about it,-making it perfect for the workplace as well as your own personal DIY power tools collection at home.





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With quite a large rectangular 4.5 x 9” pad, this sander is capable of handling large surfaces without any problems, and allows for a quicker and more even finishing. Even on lightly veneered surfaces, -thanks to the tight 3/32 inch orbital sanding action, you can be assured of even and consistent results every time.

Another nice addition to this tool is the integrated dust extraction system, which comes installed with the turbo dust bag set as well as CT dust extractors that allows for clean working surfaces during and after use. The adjustable speed control system also guarantees smooth sanding and to the utmost perfection for amateurs and professionals alike,-allowing you to adjust the speed according to the material being sanded.

Festool 567696 RS 2 E Sander 3


As with nearly any power tool made in Germany, the Festool 567696 RS 2E won’t disappoint by the looks of it, and is said to be the perfect sander for applications that require an absolutely flat or even surface to work on.

So if that’s the kind of thing you’re after, then this one is surely a worthy candidate. Now let’s look at some of the buyer reviews on Amazon and what they had to say about this product from the Festool company.



One particular buyer had this to say: “A high end sander that is very well made like all Festool Tools, outstanding at an outstandingly steep price.” Priced at $365,-which might seem fairly high to the average person, the RS2 might be more appealing to small business professionals who are looking for a high-end tool that will take his or her company to the next level in terms of quality.

This buyer also said that the only reason he gave this tool a fourth out of five star rating is because of the price, but also claims that it is well worth it.


Festool 567696 RS 2 E Sander 4


Another thing we forgot to mention is the sandpaper, but this client’s review sums it up best: “The RS2E uses pre-punched hook and loop sandpaper from Festool, which is very nice sandpaper, although sometimes you need to use a standard non-hook and loop sandpaper. But the RS2E has very nice lever action sandpaper holding clips that make it easy to install standard paper and they hold well.”



And there you have it. If you are interested in having a worthy addition to your power tools in form of an orbital sander, please visit Amazon for more information.


Best Place to Purchase the Festool RS 2 E Orbital Sander

The best place to purchase this Festool RS 2 E Orbital Sander, in my opinion, is Amazon. Their outstanding customer support services when combined with their cheap shipping and frequent discount deals mean that they simply can’t be beat.

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