Makita 5007MGA Review

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Makita 5007MGA Review

Makita 5007MGA


The Makita 5007MGA is most definitely one of our ‘Top Picks’ when it comes to circular saw offerings with its lightweight yet powerful beautifully engineered ergonomic design and 7-1/4 inch blade capacity running from the 15.0A rated corded motor.

The lightweight design provides the Makita 5007MGA with an all up weight of 10.6 pounds and together with the well balanced and ergonomically designed grip and adjusting levers provides for extended fatigue free operation.

The 5007MGA follows on from Makita’s previous excellent offering, the 5007FK, and this updated model has been completely revised from the ground up.





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This newer model Makita sports a super lightweight yet extremely durable magnesium cast base-plate in place of the older 5007FK models aluminium base-plate plus the addition of LED lighting which helps to ensure accurate cuts in poorly lit conditions.



  • 7-1/4 inch blade size
  • 5,800rpm no load speed
  • 2,300 Watts Output Power
  • Lightweight magnesium base-plate design
  • Twin LED lights for accurate cutting
  • 10.6 pounds overall weight
  • 22.5 & 45 degree bevel angle positive stops
  • Max bevel angle of 56º
  • 2-1/2 inch depth of cut at 90º
  • 1-3/4 inch depth of cut at 45º
  • Tool case
  • 24 tooth carbide blade
  • Rip fence


The large levers are all rubber grip type and allow quick one handed adjustment plus the blade removal key is attached to the saw for quick easy access and security.

Accuracy of cut is ensured thanks again to the twin built-in LED lights together with clear oversized ruler markings and accurate bevel angle adjustment with positive stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees. Air blown ducting provides quick removal of dust from the cutting line.

The 2,300 watts of power on offer from this saw help to ensure that the blade will not bind or kickback, delivering up to 5,800rpm cutting speed and a depth of cut of 2-1/2 inches at 90 degrees and 1-3/4 inches at 45 degrees.

The ‘A’ version of this saw is essentially the same as the Makita 5007MG but with the provision of an electric brake function for added safety in use and maximum efficiency with super quick blade stopping power.


What do the reviews say about this model?

At the time of writing this review there are currently 37 reviews on with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.0


This one sums it up very concisely and is pretty much what we would say if asked…

“Every tool manufacturer makes one tool really well. This is Makita’s stairway to heaven. Plenty o power, lite, good hand feel, excellent vision down the blade. I’ve tried em all. I am a professional deck builder and this is my saw!” –  Richard E. Hovasse (verified buyer – 5/5 rating)


And another happy purchaser had this to say…

“I have used this saw for six months and I love it. I am in the home improvement business and I use this saw weekly. My previous saw was the best saw available before going into the framing saws. It was a Porter Cable and I had it for twelve years and I gave it to a “young Guy” just starting out. I feel that this is the best saw on the market today before going into the HD framing saws. I love the way the sawdust is blown away from my face, the led light, and the way it blows sawdust off of your line as you move forward. The electric brake works fine and is worth the extra money. It has plenty of power while still cutting smooth. LOVE it!! !” –  S.Rhodes (verified buyer – 5/5 rating)



The only real gripe seems to be the case size which could do with being increased to accommodate the saw comfortably and the rip fence could do with being a little longer but overall that’s about it really.


What’s it good for?

With its heat treated, precision cut gearing for maximum throughput power and efficiency this saw can cope with it all from ripping plywood panels to framing walls to plunge cuts not to mention masonry and metal work.


What’s included?

This awesome saw comes complete with 24 tooth carbide tipped blade, rip fence, blade wrench and tool carry case.



Best Place to Purchase the Makita 5007MGA

The best place to purchase this circular saw, in our opinion, is Amazon. Their outstanding customer support services when combined with their cheap shipping and frequent discount deals mean that they simply can’t be beat.

Makita 5007MGA Review

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