Dewalt DC725KA Cordless Hammer Drill Review

Dewalt DC725KA Review   Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Dewalt DC725KA, an ever popular – and rightly so – cordless hammer drill offering from one of America’s most well respected brands. Actually, we have had one of these cordless drills in use in our workshop for well over 3 years […]

Bosch CCS180BL Circular Saw Review

Bosch CCS 180BL Review If you know anything about DIY power tools, then you surely know that Bosch is one of the biggest and best power tool manufacturers out there today. Today I want to share with you yet another circular saw,-called the Bosch CCS180BL, a remarkable piece of equipment at a very low cost. […]

Bosch DDS181-01 Drill Driver Review

Bosch DDS181-01 Review There are so many drill/driver combos on the market today that it’s really hard to make a good buying decision, but when the Bosch DDS 181-01 was first released I got extremely excited and decided that I just had to do a review on this mean looking power tool. With its compact […]

Dewalt DW304PK Reciprocating Saw Review

Dewalt DW304PK Review     The Dewalt DW304PK is my new best buddy! Seriously though, this reciprocating saw is just awesome. I’ve been using it this past weekend whilst replacing fencing. Tree roots, old posts, 5 inch diameter green wood tree limbs, tree roots down post holes, you name it this Dewalt reciprocating saw has […]

Power Saw Buying Guide

Power Saw Buying Guide It is almost impossible to do any woodworking project without a decent power saw and if you are new to the world of power saws, you will soon realize that there are lots of power saws available and all suited to different projects. Power saws are designed for cutting wood, metal […]

Hitachi DV18DBL Hammer Drill Review

Hitachi DV18DBL Hammer Drill Review     Today we’ve got yet another Hitachi Cordless Hammer Drill, this time we’ll be looking at the DV18DBL model, a powerful brush-and-cordless lithium ion hammer drill. But can it live up to Hitachi standards and meet the expectations of a $250+ li-ion drill? In this review, we’ll be taking an […]

Hitachi CM5SB 5-Inch Portable Masonry Cutter

Hitachi CM5SB 5-Inch Portable Masonry Cutter Review   If you’re in the market for a decent masonry cutter, you know as well as I that finding one capable of getting a tough job done is easier said than done, -but not anymore… I want to introduce this latest 5 inch portable masonry cutter released by […]

Hitachi C18DSLP4 Circular Saw Review

Hitachi C18DSLP4 Circular Saw Review   The C18DSLP4 is an 18 V lithium ion circular saw manufactured by DIY power tool giants, Hitachi. In this detailed review we’re going to take a look at a couple of real customer reviews, as well as discuss all the features and additions of this great-looking circular saw   […] © 2015 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to