SKIL 2414-02 Drill/Driver Kit Review

SKIL 2414-02 Drill/Driver Kit Review, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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SKIL 2414-02 Drill/Driver Kit Review

SKIL 2414-02 Drill Driver Kit


If you’ve been searching everywhere for an affordable drill and driver combo with a reputable brand name behind it, then let me introduce to you the 2414-2 Li-Ion drill/driver kit by the SKIL company. SKIL has built up quite a reputation over the years for affordable DIY power tools, reliability and power.


Priced at an incredibly low $75 on Amazon, you’re unlikely to find a better drill and driver combo in this price range, making it perfect for any home owner or independent professional. In this review we will discuss both the pros and cons of SKIL’s latest addition to their family of power tools.




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At first glance this looks like a very simple tool if we’re talking about the design, but don’t be deceived by its simplicity and low price tag, because this is one of the most powerful drill and driver combos within its price range on the market today.


With its two speed gearbox you can take on a variety of professional projects with ease,-and with the 15+1 clutch settings and 3/8-inch keyless chuck you can be assured of performance of the highest quality and fast bit changes. The soft grip on the clutch settings is a nice touch to the tool, together with the accurate battery fuel gauge. According to many users across the globe, this tool is immensely powerful for such a lightweight power drill/driver combo.


The SKIL 2414-02 makes use of the new lithium ion batteries which gives it more power and a longer run time then with your standard batteries,-and you also don’t have the memory effect which is commonly found within standard NI-Cad batteries. This drill/driver useful combo kit comes complete with carry case, two batteries and a charger.SKIL 2414-02 Drill Driver


Overall, users seem very happy with this product. But don’t take our word for it, let’s look at some of the reviews posted on Amazon’s official website. Scoring an above average 4.2 out of five star rating, this is what real buyers had to say about this tool:


“Very compact, and being a 12 volt drill it is quite capable of most things I use a drill for. The battery looks small, but the lithium ion chemistry makes it very long-lasting battery. I find that this drill compares very well to the traditional full-size 12 V drills with the clunky Ni-Cad and NiMH batteries, both in power and in battery capacity. The built in battery meter is very easy to read, works great. The carrying case fits everything nicely and seems very durable.”


That was just one review of the SKIL 2414-02 drill/driver Kit, and the others don’t really have anything bad to say about this particular product. If you’d like to know more about this tool or read more reviews from other people who have bought the tool, head on over to Amazon and see for yourself what all the hype is about.


The SKIL 2414-02 seems more than capable of almost any task you can throw at it, making it the perfect addition to your DIY power tools collection.

Best Place to Purchase the Skil 2414-02 Drill Driver

The best place to purchase this Skil Drill Driver, in our opinion, is Amazon. Their outstanding customer support services when combined with their cheap shipping and frequent discount deals mean that they simply can’t be beat.

Skil 2414-02 Review

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