SKIL 7292-02 Sheet Palm Sander Review

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Skil 7292-02 Palm Sander Review

Skil Palm Sander


Since there are lots of similar products available in the market nowadays, it can sometimes be very hard to choose which one is the best.


However, when it comes to sander devices one product stands above the rest. This product is known in the market as the SKIL 7292-02 ¼ Inch Sheet Palm Sander.









Amazing features

What makes this product stand above all other similar products is that it has a pressure control and micro filtration.

Talking about pressure control, this device’s pressure control technology lets users know if they are already applying too much pressure. This way, the life expectancy of the device is prolonged, which also enables users to save money since they do not need to buy a new device every once in a while.



This device also features a micro filtration attribute. Through this feature, fine dust particles are easily captured and contained in the storage of the device. Because of this trait, this device does not only promote efficiency in work but also cleanliness in the work place. Moreover, because this device has a canister that has a clear view, you will no longer need to check the canister from time to time just to know whether it is already full or not.

The SKIL 7292-02 ¼ Inch Sheet Palm Sander has a built in adapter that promotes maximum dust collection and leaves no speck of dust behind.


Maximum comfort and control

Unlike other similar devices which can cause blisters on the user’s hand, this sheet palm sander has a soft grip design which enables users to grip the device properly and obtain maximum control. Through this device’s feature, users can achieve maximum efficiency when working.


One of the top ranking devices

Because of the amazing features of this sander, it is among the top ranking palm sanders for home improvement. Because of this, you can be assured that this tool will be a great asset to you and can surely help you in making your work faster and easier.


Price that is worth it

Currently in the market, this product is sold at around $28-$30, with free shipping (depending on the seller). With the performance versus pricing that this product provides you can be sure that you are indeed  getting your monies worth, down to the last penny.


Purchaser Feedback

In order to help you find out a little bit more about this product, below are some recent purchaser’s comments …

“So easy to use and does the job perfectly! The sandpaper is easy to put on and I especially like the pressure control lights. It helps ensure level sanding. The filtration worked surprisingly well too. Would definitely recommend!”

“I bought this refurbished, and was sent a model that was missing the clips that hold the sandpaper in place. That was a pretty big set-back initially because I REALLY wanted to get started on a project. Luckily, Skil’s customer service is GREAT and they quickly sent the replacement parts. They were very easy to install.”

“This unit works very well, and the filter system does keep a lot of dust from getting all over yourself, and in your hair. Washing sawdust out of your hair is never fun!
I only buy sanders that don’t have require special shaped sandpaper- that gets way too expensive and I never see a real difference. This thing gets the jobs done, and has held up very well. It’s not as loud as other sander’s I’ve used, I was able to use this thing on my porch while my two toddlers took a nap just above me. It’s great for small projects and the price was right. Every household needs a sander… so if you don’t have one, this thing will come in handy!”


Best Place to Purchase the Skil 7292-02 Palm Sander

The best place to purchase this palm sander, in my opinion, is Amazon. Their outstanding customer support services when combined with their cheap shipping and frequent discount deals mean that they simply can’t be beat.

Skil 7292-02 Review

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Updated: October 3, 2013 — 6:31 am

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